Mad Girl Poems
Lyn Lifshin


"Her cheeks,
rose as the flowers
she never learned the
name of climbing trellises"


Adrian Blevins


"fairies like in Disney  
& Shakespeare & fireflies  
like in real life in summer  
in Virginia with their heat"



"The image of the weaver provides the metaphor for the collection entire, as the poems collected here are less freestanding pieces than they are snatches of visions, ideas worked upon, words posited in one poem to be taken up again in another and explored. Plums, berries, brandy and frozen solid trees appear and reappear rhythmically throughout the collection, often tied to the traditions of life the narrator has by now left behind."


2017 Nominations

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Volume XLIII

Artwork by Julie Hamilton
"In the Distance" - Julie Hamilton, oil on canvas, 36" x 48"