last week I scoured the internet
searching for love and found none not
sure why even go I guess the desire
to connect with others anybody right
now every person I’ve ever loved is out
of reach no time to even FaceTime the therapist
says there’s a difference between alone and
lonely and every week asks which one I am
and I give her the answer she wants to hear
but really this continuous absence crowds me
is siphoning my I and I never thought an empty
house could be so suffocating it is the walls
echo the left behind each room I enter so stifled
with you & you & you each one of you and
three perfumes lace the air linger as if
to greet me in the morning with a sleepy hi
but there is no nobody there just me 

Hillary Ferguson is a New York City based poet and writer. She is currently working on a double MFA in Poetry and Fiction at The New School, and is a co-editor of the forthcoming journal, Politics and Poems. She lives a quiet, Netflix-filled life with her partner and their two dogs.