Ronald Pelias


“No one cares how the sink fills 
with the day’s remains, how the last  
autumn sun beats down on the mud,  
how the grinding hours wear away.”

Jessie Graybill


“sculptures in the square look down on pigeons 
flecks of snow--a weird early storm--litter the pavement”


A Dogwood
Robert Brussack


“Asymmetry covered over 
In creamy blooms, some  
Low enough to marvel at.”


Emalohi Iruobe


“Last Friday it was one month since we gathered in songs as if our hearts were somehow okay.”


Recalled in a Different Light: 50 Years of Roanoke Review celebrates the many people who have brought our literary journal to life for the past five decades: the writers, editors, readers, and supporters.

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An interview with founder Ed Tedeschi

Frederick C. Wilbur - Fall 1968 (then and now)

Volume XLIII

Artwork by Julie Hamilton

"In the Distance" - Julie Hamilton, oil on canvas, 36" x 48"