“I once was a boy 
whose best invention was walking 
and admiring hydrants at the same time.”

What certain voice
Peter Grandbois


“It’s hard to see the exact length 
Of childhood, or any other life 
Shaped in this handmade world.”


“Practice for what?
The rare and painful
Moment of performance, the rain that could
Become a flood, and carry us happy
And hapless, away”


Recalled in a Different Light: 50 Years of Roanoke Review celebrates the many people who have brought our literary journal to life for the past five decades: the writers, editors, readers, and supporters.

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An interview with founder Ed Tedeschi

Frederick C. Wilbur - Fall 1968 (then and now)

Volume XLIII

Artwork by Julie Hamilton

"In the Distance" - Julie Hamilton, oil on canvas, 36" x 48"