Hannah VanderHart


"Sleep is the dark inner eye  
of the tulip.  
It’s in the cat’s mouth.  
I have it by the ear."


Buy Me Flowers
Chelsea Bayouth


"I don’t subscribe to the notion, 
that flowers are a terrible gift
because they die."


Muses & Musings
An Interview with Rebecca Pyle


"These are certain people even from early childhood who clearly, or murkily—eventually somehow expressed to you they had vision fairly independent of others. Often they have all the thoughts and fine-tune of the artist or the writer, but not the inclination, or time. You became sure of their imaginative and understanding powers; your awareness grew over time. It was even in their gaze."


Recalled in a Different Light: 50 Years of Roanoke Review celebrates the many people who have brought our literary journal to life for the past five decades: the writers, editors, readers, and supporters.

This online anthology features work from our first 50 years, as well as new work from those former contributors. Instead of releasing it in one chunk, however, the anthology will grow monthly over the coming year—with our inaugural release today! 

About the anthology

An interview with founder Henry Taylor

Fall 1967 - facsimile of Roanoke Review's first issue

including work by R.H.W. Dillard, William Penden, Malcolm Cowley, William Jay Smith, David Slavitt (using the pen name Henry Sutton), James Seay, William Stafford, Kelly Cherry, Lee Smith, Franklin Haar, Christine Schutt (then Costigan), Cathy Wills, Grace Bosworth, Henry Taylor, Donald C. Goertz, and Marjorie Kirby

Margaret Gibson - Spring 1968 (then and now) 

(up next: an interview with founder Ed Tedeschi and work by Fall 1968 contributor Frederick C. Wilbur)

Volume XLIII

Artwork by Julie Hamilton
"In the Distance" - Julie Hamilton, oil on canvas, 36" x 48"