Evan Sheldon


“He conjures the fire 
again and again every 
night and huddles near her while shadows 
leap and dance and menace 
on the alley walls.”


Jimmy Long


“It was clear   

while I grieved 
yesterday's violence in today's 
newspaper pages, she  

had focused on survival”


A Murmuration
David Desjardins


“But his hidden, cloaked nature spurred in Graciela a desire to confide in Freddy, in the same way you might feel free, in the darkness of the confessional over at St. Raymond’s, to tell Father Dennis things about your life that you somehow never told anyone else.”


Recalled in a Different Light: 50 Years of Roanoke Review celebrates the many people who have brought our literary journal to life for the past five decades: the writers, editors, readers, and supporters.

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An interview with founder Ed Tedeschi

Frederick C. Wilbur - Fall 1968 (then and now)

Volume XLIII

Artwork by Julie Hamilton

"In the Distance" - Julie Hamilton, oil on canvas, 36" x 48"