Fiction & Nonfiction


"Giving Pictures" - J.R. Hoffman
"The Days of Our Growing" - Holly Pelesky


"Risk Management" - Jeffrey DeVries
"I Know Exactly How This Works" - Corie Rosen
"The Portreeve’s House" - Josie Turner
"Raiments" - Lois Wolfe


"Dear Pleiades, I" - Linette Marie Allen
"The Harasser" - Robert Arthur
"After the Sun Split in Two" - Bill Ayres
Poems - John Blair
Poems - Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer
Poems - John Byrne
"How I Imagine Sweat Lodges Are" - Ian Cappelli
Poems - Abigail Carl-Klassen
"Portrait of Simone de Beauvoir as a Beaver" - Natalia Conte
"Pass Over" - Timothy DeJong
Poems - Maurice Ferguson
"Annotations While Waiting for the Mail …" - Cal Freeman
Poems - Robine Gowe
"A Probing" - John Grey
"Tresha is an Invented Name" - Tresha Faye-Haefner
"the knowledge of walls" - Alyssa Hanna
"Final Girl" - Christina Harrington
"Iron and Salt" - Jesse Holth
"In Light of All the Suicides" - Crystal Ignatowski
"Great Apes" - Cindy King
"Dare I Speak of Heaven?" - Vicki Mandell-King
"Song" - John Leonard
"In the Cold Ground" - Edgar Rincon Luna
Poems - Nicole Mason
"For the Now" - Craig McGeady
"Huddle House" - Marc Meierkort
"When they drained the canals …" - Amelie Meltzer
"Sonnet" - Philip Miller
"Landscape with Loss of Motion" - Kat Neis
"Seeing" - Matt Peluso
Poems - Jade Riordan
Poems - Gretchen Rockwell
"Liturgy for a Lunch Lady" - Brant Short
"From the Sea" - Noel Sloboda
"Excursion" - Susan Sonde
"Time is an Enormous Long River" - Trevor Tingle
"You Don’t Notice" - Laura Walker
"In a Poem, Waiting to Remember" - Rebecca Watkins
"Bird of Paradise" - Joe Woodward




Editor: Mary Crockett Hill
Managing Editor(s): Carolyn Marciniec, Zachary Margrave, Jenna Novosel, Kim Dalton
Reviewer: Cameron MacKenzie
Content Editor(s): Sarah Raines, Kayla Coursey
Anthology Editor: Olivia Samimy
Social Media Intern(s): Shelby Baney, Emma Daisey


Zachary Margrave, Shelby Baney, Emma Fenton, Katie Wismer, Sarah Raines, Cathrine Cone, Elizabeth Bullock, Carolyn Marciniec, Kim Dalton, Garrett Simpson, Jenna Novosel, Eesha Imam, Alice Keith, Mariah Lang, Abby Linkoys, Nicole Brobsten, Cara Totten, Chamberlain Yulauf, Charissa Roberson, Claire McDonald, Jasey Roberts, Jasmine Ring, Ji’Asia Anderson, Kerensa McElrath, Liv Sampogna, Megan Worley, Olivia Samimy, Robby Mangum, Shannon Barker, Thomas Thomas

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