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It was madness, Beth. I’m telling you it was madness – you, who know better than anyone what Euan’s obsession did to him. What it did to all of us.  


For the Now

Craig McGeady


I am a new beast now.
Claws, teeth, the rotting stink of bygone meals;
they are gone.
I am a new beast now. 


You don’t notice

Laura Walker


in the aftermath of some destructive force
the way the violet-blue clusters of buds bob
and weave on the end of their slender stems,
touched by an invisible breeze you can’t feel. 

Two Poems

Jade Riordan


You are welcome
to look inside
this home

but not to enter.

Iron and Salt

Jesse Holth


The birds disappeared
one day, skies growing 

quiet, eerie. Failing to notice
the way songs were traded 

The Harasser

Robert Arthur


Now that you are ash with an unlisted number, I’ll call you forever
What of the blooms of life that March has promised to the rain

Final Girl

Christina Harrington


My life is the first fifteen minutes of a horror movie. Those few moments while the world seems linen-fresh normal, but you’re really just waiting for shit to go bad --


Volume XLIV

Artwork by Julie Hamilton

"Alchemical Poetry" - Dreama J. Kattenbraker, mixed media on canvas, 36" x 60"