2015 State of the Roanoke Review

A Letter by Managing Editor Steph Spector


Learning to Shoot by n.v. baker
Shallow Water by Ian Pisarcik
Undesirable Interruptions by Christine Rice
Danny by Tina Tocco
Driver's Ed by W. Scott Thomason
Summer Music by Nils Wolfcale
Adulteress by Nadeem Zaman


alas, poor mr. lighthead by B.J. Best
Post a Little Hurricane
 by William C. Blome
genesis by Michael Collins
Life and Death on Venice Street by Timothy Dodd
Shoobie by Matthew Dulany|
Gettysburg, 2103 by Alan Elyshevitz
SAMSARA by Greg Girvan
As She Bows by Marjie Gowdy
Maddie by Ed Granger
Fargo by Zebulon Huset
The Alchemist's Wife by Les Kay

Porcelain by Greg McBride
Side by Side at the Zoo by Greg McBride
Deep Creek Lake by Dana McConaughy

The Diamond, Meaty by M. Nasorri Pavone
Spitting by M. Nasorri Pavone
Toys at the Edge of the Room by Richard King Perkins II
Postspawn Mortality by Richard King Perkins II
My Grandmother's Hands by Michael Phillips
Avoiding Etna by Donna Pucciani
Song For pilgrims by Justin Runge
Burial Details by Seven Scott
Chewing on Cud by Seven Scott
Found by Matthew Stark
To forget to reduce to pebbles to turn by Matthew Stark
Painbirds II by Ashley Warren
Painbirds IV by Ashley Warren


War Portraits by Binh Danh and Robert Schultz
This Is Cambodia by Kylie Moore                                                       SILK/MULBERRY PAPER COLLAGES & "WAVE" PAINTINGS by Ray Kass

Reading Staff

Andrea Benson, Nick Fritz§, Chalalin Giron, Bekah Seger, Taylor Fitzpatrick, Sarah Palmer, Jonathan Cribb♱, Steph Spector*, Joanna Peders, Rachel Barton
§-Managing Editor, *-Content Editor, ♱-Web Editor