Zebulon Huset

For all the TV shows that seek ghosts, 
for all their cameras and audio gear. 
For all the Squatchers and Yeti hunters. 
For all the tinfoil hats in the world
protecting against Illuminati lizard people. 
For all the supernatural explanations
accepted as proof of the supernatural
because actual proof is natural, and this, 
well this doesn’t abide by natural laws, 
duh, that’s why it’s called supernatural. 
For all the advancements, technology
completely indifferent to a spirit world. 
For all the students watching Thales rub  
a globule of amber against a lodestone nugget. 
For all of Marie Curie’s radioactive papers
the diary too tainted to handle barehanded. 
For all the antiseptic cynic skeptics: 
the world, the infinitely complex universe. 

Zebulon Huset is a Pushcart nominate poet whose work has recently appeared or is forthcoming from The Southern Review, The New York Quarterly, The Georgetown Review, The Cortland Review, Thin Air, Harpur Palate, The North American Review, Spillway and The Evansville Review among others. He posts a writing exercise/prompt blog called Notebooking Daily and teaches a community creative writing class in El Cajon, CA.