Ruth Berman

Ghosts gather
At the auctioneer’s
One grabs the gavel
Which makes no noise
When brought down
By an ectoplasmic hand
But glitters silver
To ghostly observation
Ghosts don’t name numbers
But nod featureless heads
Or wave a sleeve
To register their bids
On shadows cast by every lot
Left over in the moonlight

Ruth Berman’s work has appeared in many general and literary magazines and anthologies. Her novel, Bradamant’s Quest, was published by FTL Publications. She was one of the contributors to Lady Poetesses from Hell (Bag Person Press Collective). Her translation of two fairy tales by 18th century writer Louise Cavelier Levesque, “The Prince of the Aquamarines” & “The Invisible Prince,” was published by Aqueduct Press (Seattle WA), and her translation of “Trilby” and other fantasies by Charles Nodier by Black Coat Press (Encino CA).