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Ernest Williamson III


"a marriage of 50 years,
now a memory
yet there;
at Mendicant's cemetery"

Linda Fischer


"How it’s written in code—the large square  
hands that need to grasp, haul
and hammer—replicated like the bunion spur
for who knows how many generations."

A reading of "Genetic" by Linda Fischer.
Image by Eric Hamiter. No changes were made to this image.

An Interview with Lones Seiber


“I think that whatever works for you is the best way to write. There is no formula. You are you, and you are a good writer. I have to keep telling myself that." 


Volume XLI

Art:  "Catkin Flora" by J. Wayne Fitzgerald.  Measuring 15" x 23", mono-print, embellished with watercolor, on rag paper, mixed media, January, 2016.