The Birds and The Wind by Elizabeth Burton
Cooper's Story by Bridget Grieve-Carlson
Three's a Crowd by Laura Horley
JUST GO BACK by A.D. Nauman
The Fall by Billy Thompson
When the Leaves Fall on Lavallette by Geoff Watkinson



Olive by Jordi Alonso
Oysters by Jordi Alonso
The Parts of Her Body Huddled Together like a Pack of Glossy Dogs by Daniel Bănulescu
Places to Land by Gabriella M. Belfiglio
Just Something Just There by Adrian Blevins
Coming Home by John Davis
The Midwatch by John Davis
Weezy, Down-Low by Adam Day
A Brief History of the Immigrant Experience in America by Kenneth DiMaggio
four years after my father died of our heart condition. by linda harris dolan
in the bones. by linda harris dolan
Ferguson (2014) by Jozelle Dyer
To Sylvia Gonzales by Jozelle Dyer
Mom's Warning to Me by Roberta Feins
Genetic by Linda M. Fischer by Hillary Ferguson
Bones by Samantha Leigh Futhey
Field Notes on Hands by Samantha Leigh Futhey
Not at War by Jesse Graves
Trace by Jesse Graves
A Gift I'm Not Qualified to Give by Zebulon Huset
Just Shy of Soda Springs by Zebulon Huset
Castiglione del Lago by Jack Lindeman
The Moondial by Marla Melito
East Carson Confessional by Toni Murabito
When I Ask Them if They Think I'm Sexy, They Tell Me They Love my Smile by Toni Murabito
The Math of Gifts That Are Not Wages by HeidiLynn Nilsson
Death is So Simple by Sudie Nostrand
Three Poems by Simon Perchik
Skinned Savanna by Richard King Perkins II
Crow Goes Hungry by Kate Ruebenson
Redd Hede by Joan Roberta Ryan
Sunday Dilemma by Joan Roberta Ryan
When We Were Young by David Stallings
CUL-DE-SAC by Robert Tremmel
POWER OUTAGE by Robert Tremmel
Alan Shepard: May 5th, 1961 by Stan Lee Werlin
The Way of Birds by Stan Lee Werlin
Mendicant's Cemetery by Ernest Williamson III
The Walls are Four Feet Thick by Annie Woodford



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