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"Ghosts don’t name numbers
But nod featureless heads
Or wave a sleeve"

Elizabeth Burton


“I watched her, almost feeling the rope between her feet. The wind lifted Urzigul’s costume, blew it around her until it cloaked her body, but still, the child didn’t falter. ”

A reading of a selection of "The Birds and the Wind" by Elizabeth Burton.
Image by George Lu. No changes were made to this image.

An Interview with Linda M. Fischer


“Sometimes I can make the ending more forceful by stressing internal rhyme, but it really depends on the content of the poem. There is no magic formula, and it can take hours of head-banging. Afterwards, if I’m pleased with the result, I go through a period of elation. But it doesn’t last—the letdown is not knowing where the next poem is coming from.” 


Volume XLI

Art:  "Catkin Flora" by J. Wayne Fitzgerald.  Measuring 15" x 23", mono-print, embellished with watercolor, on rag paper, mixed media, January, 2016.