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"For all that we have done is too exact
but that a lack of doing damns, also, adequately
makes the mercy more amazing."

Marla Melito


"At the half moon you hint at the dial, 
Your index finger throws shadows. 
You claim you are an artist and this is your work. 
I also know how to chart lies." 

A reading of "The Moondial" by Marla Melito.
Image by David Harber. No changes were made to this image.

An Interview with Lucy Jane Bledsoe


“Today I keep deciding to be a writer because I think the stories we tell ourselves, as a culture, are hugely important. It’s how we understand who we are, as a society and as a species. I want to be a part of that conversation.” 


Volume XLI

Art:  "Catkin Flora" by J. Wayne Fitzgerald.  Measuring 15" x 23", mono-print, embellished with watercolor, on rag paper, mixed media, January, 2016.