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the Beautiful

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Laura Horley


"I place my necklace on the nightstand and say a small prayer when he turns off the lights. I let him unbutton my blouse. He lays me back down on the bed, gently, and unclasps my belt. My body is waking up. Why won’t you leave my head? Haven’t you taken enough? I gave you life."




“Okay, he’s doin’ Jane,
well things change.

I tell him, Consider Wayne.
Don’t play in her garden,

don't smell her flower.”



REDD HEDE - Podcast
Joan Roberta Ryan

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Volume XLI

Cover Art:  "Catkin Flora" by J. Wayne Fitzgerald.  Measuring 15" x 23", mono-print, embellished with watercolor, on rag paper, mixed media, January, 2016.