Matt Peluso

I hope that you will see me
with the eyes of your heart.
Enlightened, as in Paul’s famous letter.
Freed from optical immediacy,
the veil of mere perception lifted,
I will be revealed.
All love and loyalty.


Author’s Commentary: Although this poem may appear to be about my unrequited love for a woman, it is actually a prayer to my children. A father's lot can be a difficult one. The reference is to Paul's Letter to the Ephesians 1:15-23, a less strident and softer message of hope and thanksgiving than some of his other letters.

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A Virginian by birth, Matt Peluso is a civil rights attorney in Princeton, New Jersey. After fighting against discrimination all day, he takes refuge in poetry at night. His holds a B.A. in Philosophy from George Washington University and J.D. from the University of Miami. His poems have appeared in The Opiate Magazine, Waterways: Poetry In The Mainstream, the Wilderness House Literary Review and Stoneboat Literary Journal.