Russell Evatt

In the Midwest, no one has told a lie in nearly thirty years.  Trust me on this, I’m standing in Milwaukee.  I’ve spent the entire afternoon balancing a good buzz with my good Christian upbringing.  This matter cannot be taken lightly.  A long time ago Mongolians wore a garb called suit made of the skins of field mice sewn together.  It was handmade in Mongolia, or surrounding provinces.  What was it they always said?  If you throw an empty bottle in anger and it doesn’t break your ship will never come in?  No, that doesn’t sound like them, landlocked as they primarily were.  On Tuesdays I take out the recycling.  Yeah, that sounds like me.  Me and my version of a sweet nothing.  Given freely away.   


Russell Evatt recently had poems appear in Lake Effect. His website is and you can find a short film there. He lives and works in San Antonio.

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